Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pinterest Moms

My Mom just got back from spending Thanksgiving with my cousin and her family in North Carolina. She had a wonderful time and I loved listening to her recount all the special and funny times on our way home from the airport. Traci, my cousin, is way crafty. She makes homemade decorations, homemade food...she home schools. There's nothing to do with home-hominess that she can't do. My Mom, who is just like me, was dazzled by all of Traci's homemade wonderfulness. It was DIY shock and awe. While there, she sent me no fewer than 4 texts showing me all the crafty goodness--snowmen made from empty coffee creamer bottles and Christmas trees made from twine.

Traci is a Pinterest Mom. She pins delicious recipes and then actually makes them. She grows vegetables in a square foot garden and her children eat them. She has a Christmas village made solely out of gingerbread. We all know Pinterest Moms don't we? I know several. Thing 2's Kindergarten teacher happens to be a Pinterest Mom. When you walk into her classroom you immediately want to be 5 again just so she can be your Kindergarten teacher. (Consequently, I think a prerequisite for being a Kindergarten teacher should be that you are a Pinterest Mom. Can you imagine a non-Pinterest mom teaching Kindergarten? "Please have your parents collect empty toilet paper rolls so we have enough to do a project that will never happen.")

Pinterest Moms are the ones whose children have piggy banks made from empty 2 liter soda bottles. Pinterest Moms make adorable bracelets from shoe laces and braided headbands from t-shirts. Pinterest Moms have entire closets devoted to mod podge. Burlap, wood pallets, and hot glue are to the Pinterest Mom what a matchbox, a bobby pin and duct tape are to Macgyver. Pinterest Moms use the word "upcycle."

Non-Pinterest Moms support their schools by collecting Box Tops (10 cents at a time, baby). Non-Pinterest Moms save shoe laces to make bracelets but then they lose them in their disorganized closet. Non-Pinterest Moms have Pinterest boards devoted to hot actors who could play Christian Grey. Non-Pinterest Moms use the word "Digiorno."

Know what else Pinterest Moms do?  They don't ever wish to be a Non-Pinterest Mom.  Know why? Because Pinterest Moms rock it.  Who doesn't want to be a Pinterest Mom?  Its totally unfair I tell you. Non-Pinterest Moms never say things like, "I stayed up too late playing Mario Kart."  Non-Pinterest Moms...yep, that's totally why they are tired in the mornings.  That or they stayed up pinning things they will never make.  Non-Pinterest Moms love Pinterest too--its a source of hope.  Its a shining beacon on a far away beach keeping the dream alive that they too will someday have an entire backyard lit by hanging mason jar lights.

Here's what I love about Non-Pinterest Moms: every now and then they put the Wii remote down and knock out a Pinterest project/meal.  And man when they do, look out Facebook because you're gonna see some pictures of that baby.

*Freaking Pinterest Moms...
who puts adorable bows on their
homemade bird feeders?

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